The goal of AG
is to reimagine
how we see art.
Welcome to Art Gladiator!
Hey guys thanks for dropping by! We have added 4 new forum sections so be sure to check them out. Also now your user pages have page view counts so you can see how many people are checking you out. We have more cool stuff coming soon so stay tuned.


If your an artist you can compete against other artist to win money by creating the best art for commissions. These challenges are called art battles. This is where you test your art skills against other artists to see who can create the best artwork for the commission. The best art piece in the art battle will win the commission money. Even if you don't win the commission money you will still earn points you can use on this site to get cool gifts and powers.


Art lovers are people that just love art. You can vote and rate artwork in galleries or in art battles to help decide which artist wins a commission. Help us find the best art and you will gain points that you can use on this website.

Check out all the art projects seeking funding.

Are you an artist working on a great art project? Tell the world about it and get your art project funded.